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Could a volcano erupt in the Balaton Uplands? 4/1/2019

We Love Balaton asked renowned volcanologist Mária Éva Jankovics if there’s any possibility of a volcanic eruption in the Balaton Uplands.

22 things to do around Lake Balaton this spring 3/19/2019

Here are 22 things to do around Lake Balaton during its spring awakening.

The 8 best markets to visit at Lake Balaton 3/12/2019

Visit Lake Balaton’s best markets for fresh produce and a truly local experience.

An introduction to Balaton's north shore 2/25/2019

Hilly, historic and in parts volcanic, Balaton’s north shore differs in character from its southern counterpart a regular ferry hop away.

How to get to Lake Balaton 2/21/2019

Here’s how to get to Lake Balaton by plane, train, bus, car, boat and bike.

See Balaton bathed in golden winter light 2/1/2019

Balaton is an entirely different place in winter, and one worth exploring. These photos from the Balaton Uplands will show you why.

Watch a captivating drone video of icy Lake Balaton 1/15/2019

Péter Kálló’s drone video captured Lake Balaton in the process of freezing over.

Winter comes to Balaton – see these fantastic photos 1/10/2019

Here’s a selection of images by outstanding local photographers capturing Lake Balaton in all its wintertime beauty.

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