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Songs, Candies, and Hiking Under the Sign of the Advent - Weekend Programme Guide

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Thursday, December 12, 2013 — We Love Balaton

Listen to songs by Tamás Cseh; chat with wine-maker Dániel Konyári; listen to opera singer Andrea Rost or the number one band Punnany Massif and eat various types of szaloncukor at Lake Balaton this weekend. If you don''t like these options, go to the "backside of the nun"! Weekend Programme Guide.

Punnany Massif, Veszprém

Since the reopening of the Expresszó Klub, there has hardly been a day without a performance by a mainstream Hungarian pop star in Veszprém. The current number one, Punnany Massif is touring with their new album, FEL, in the frame of which they give 2 concerts in the city--one is on Thursday, the other on Friday.

Tamás Cseh tribute, Balatonfüred

Tamás Cseh was expelled from Balatonalmádi in 1962, on account of 'dancing twist and accompanying it with music.' Fast forward 51 years: on Saturday, his songs will be in focus at the Anna Grand Hotel in Balatonfüred. In the frame of the Exclusive Theatre Nights, a co-production by the Pannon Várszínház of Veszprém and the Hotel, the songs by Tamás Cseh and Géza Bereményi will be performed in an evening titled 'Secret Songs'.

Experidance táncprodukció, Veszprém

The globetrotter ExperiDance dance company exhibits its unbelievable skills in veszprém in the weekend. They will perform their 2-hour show that evokes the world of the 1800ies in the Veszprém Arena on Saturday. The show 'Fergeteges' is accompanied by the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra.

Vödörvölgy Santa Claus round 15, Balatonalmádi

Excuse me, but have you ever been on the "backside of the nun"? Don't look so shocked, this is no blasphemy, just the name of a hill 'Apáca fara', which you will also climb if you join the Santa Claus Round 15 hike on Saturday. It will be cold and you'll have to walk, but the scenery is wonderful, so we hope it won't be foggy. The 15-km hike starts out from the the building of the Pannónia Culture Centre on Városház tér (Balatonalmádi), towards Szentkirályszabadja and Vörösberény, then returns to the same spot. In between, you'll visit the aforementioned bodypart and Vödörvölgy--which translates to the similarly odd "Bucket Valley.' If you look for something lighter, you can also join in at Szentkirályszabadja.

Photo: Dániel Konyári on the terrace of the Jásdi Cellar, this weekend. - Krisztina Bordács/welovebalaton.hu

Mulled wine promenade, Tihany

As usual, you will find lavender elixirs and home-made cheese at the Tihany PIAC Marketplace this weekend as well. The Saturday market, however, is promoted as a Mulled Wine Promenade this time, which is a subtle promise of--you guessed it!--huge quantities of mulled wine. What's more, there will also be a special szaloncukor (traditional Hungarian Christmas candies, also used as tree decoration)sale as well. You can buy szaloncukor in an infinite variety of flavours from rum-cocoa through tiramisu and strawberry yoghurt to whisky. It's time to move on up from the industrial jelly-filling!

9th Pannonfíling film estival, Veszprém

'Even I could do better!' is a frequent comment provoked by the commonplace image films about Hungary. The Pannonfíling Film Festival is the meeting place of people who try to express the meaning of 'everything Pannonian' through the means of filming, instead o just criticising. You can check out their short films and participate in the following discussion at this microfestival in Veszprém. You can let them know you opinion in Hangvilla on Saturday.

Wine-makers on the couch with Dani Konyári, Csopak

One of the best wineries of Balaton's south shore is the Konyári Wine Cellar on Kishegy, in Balatonlelle. One of the best wineries of the north shoe is the Jásdi Wine Cellar in Csopak. Thus, you could only expect something extraordinary from a visit by the Konyári crew to the Jásdi Cellar. This is especially true as we are talking about Dániel Konyári,  who will be the guests of the 'Wine-makers on the Couch' series Friday evening in Csopak. Great wines and a great chat ensue.

Advent fairs everywhere around the lake

In Hévíz, opera singer Andrea Rost performs in the frame of the Advent programmes. In Gyenesdiás, mulled wine and roasted chestnuts await you at the Town Hall. There will be no lack of Advent preparations, fairs and programmes in Veszprém, Siófok, Balatonalmádi, Tapolca, and Nagyvázsony either.

Cover photo by indafoto.hu/Chrishop

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