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10+1 hidden Balaton spots to discover this autumn 9/20/2019

From church ruins to natural wonders, here are some hidden spots to discover around Lake Balaton this autumn.

19 best things to do at Balaton this summer 6/17/2019

With summer in full swing, here are the best things to do around Lake Balaton while the sun shines.

22 things to do around Lake Balaton this spring 3/19/2019

Here are 22 things to do around Lake Balaton during its spring awakening.

The 8 best markets to visit at Lake Balaton 3/12/2019

Visit Lake Balaton’s best markets for fresh produce and a truly local experience.

Balaton highlights of 2018 1/3/2019

From winter wonderlands to new openings and fresh wines, here’s a look back at the Balaton highlights of 2018.

19 ways to fall in love with Lake Balaton this autumn 10/18/2018

Here are 19 ways to enjoy Lake Balaton this autumn.

From bakers to winemakers – the movers and shakers of Szent György-hegy 5/25/2018

Globetrotters, writers and former urban dwellers meet at Szent György-hegy – here are the prominent figures who gather here.

22 things to enjoy this spring at Lake Balaton 4/10/2018

As the good weather arrives, Balaton also wakes up – here’s what to do around the lake in spring.

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