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How Lake Balaton Was Created - the Myth


  • Budavári Dóra

6/18/2013 2:00 AM

It all began with a furious 24-headed dragon and an amorous lad called Balaton. This story has become a myth, and we are going to recount the creation of Lake Balaton with the help of infographics. This is the first chapter of our "dragonful," magical and romantic series about the myths of Balaton .

Once upon a time, there was a 24-headed dragon. Each day, the dragon demanded to have 24 beautiful girls to satisfy his hunger. One day, the dragon asked for the fiancée of Balaton, the strongest lad around, but he defied the beast.

Came the 13th day and the dragon was scratching at the ground in his anger, carving out a water basin, which was instantly filled up by a spring. The beast kept clamouring for the girl, so Balaton kissed her goodbye, and set out in a dinghy to fight the dragon and defend his love at all costs.

In the epic battle, dragon heads fell while flames burned the young hero, and Balaton fell into the water with the last head. His heartbroken fiancée drowned herself. The lovers now rest together in eternal peace at the bottom of the lake.
The lake was named Balaton in honour of the tragic hero.

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