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Communal gastro mission - Biobalaton Eco- and Artisan Market


  • Kollár Bálint

01/08/2013 2.00am

Culture- and gastro mission, avantgarde, experimenting kitchen with ingredients from farmers and a fresh, new market. Biobalaton is the latest member of the trendy markets near Balaton. It has the first Sziget''s feeling when everyone is excited and there's enough space to do whatever you want.

Biobalaton in Balatonfüred has the best of the best from artisan breweries and wineries, trendy soups in paper cups and products of delicatessens of Budapest. It is only the surface though, because Biobalaton is more like a community space: a meeting point for the farmers and the customers as well. The farmers can talk about the methods, practices and news, and the customers can fill up their baskets with fresh fruits, vegetables and spices and avoid food additives.
Tamás Járosi, the general manager of Fekete pincészet is acting in a new role as a biofarmer and the leader of Biobalaton. He chose a good location, because despite many buildings are still empty and the rest could use some renovation, the atmosphere is inviting: it's nice to sit down under the sail-cloth shades with a wheat beer in the hand. What is more, the place is small enough to see the whole place.

Photo: The Jam Is Delicious. - Biobalaton

The guests can feel it, but the owner's point of view is different as always: Biobalaton already has a few regular guests, but a bit bigger buzz would bring here more and more people. It's not that simple as it sounds, because this spot is located at the border of Balatonfüred in the direction of Tihany, so it can be only reached by bike or car. Finding Waldo could be easier, because you have to take a service road after the roundabout in the Kemping's direction. All in all, it is calm and peaceful, but tit could use a few more guests more during the week.
There's no problem on the weekends though. Since everyone can buy their lunch for Saturday and the ingredients for Sunday's meals here, the market's good reputation is spreading among the locals. You can buy seasonal vegetables here, and a short rest on the beach beds makes the shopping process easier.

Photo: Artisan Products Of Lídia Borház. - Krisztina Bordács - We Love Balaton

The ingredients used in the kitchen here come from bio farmers, you will find cold dishes and fancy gourmet meals as well. If you want to take home special chutneys, beer mustards, sausages or vinegars, you can purchase them right away, but keep in mind, that we have put dibs on the strawberry vinegar.

Photo: With Our Favourite Bread. - Biobalaton

Malackrumpli Bisztró is a place for those who don’t want to spend every cent on food. The soups in paper cups would be a proper competitor to Budapest’s trendy street food places and the seasonal dishes are worth a try as well. Similar to the top shot soup places they like to experiment and try new things. When you're here, try the mangold soup with ewe cheese or the potato soup with paprika sausage.

Photo: Seasonal Offer In The Focus. - We Love Balaton

The artisan brewery and winery offers three kinds of beers (e.g. plum beer and wheat beer) and the best wines of the Balaton area. The crew is nice and friendly; even though they have a lot to do in the kitchen, they gladly help us to decide.

Photo: Everyone Likes Chutney. - Biobalaton

We tried Tamás Járosi's own wheat beer Balaton Blonde and we wish good luck to Biobalaton. They still have plenty of room for guests, but once they  will find this cool place, people are expected to flood the place.

Update: Biobalaton is closed.

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