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Ugly dolls and iPhone 5 at Tapolca''s flea market - GALLERY


  • Budavári Dóra

9/23/2013 2:00 AM

The flea market in Tapolca is a great place to look around in the late season. After spending here two seconds you'll fall into a bargaining mood, and you're going to name a price for an iPhone 5. Welcome to the bazaar of Tapolca!

There are two types of people at Tapolca's flea market: either they demand a photo of them, or they don't want to be photographed at all. It's understandable, because this is the ultimate free market, where the products come from questionable sources.

Photo: "take A Picture!"- The Moment Of Our Entry. - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: Ceramic Panda Bear For 5000 Huf.- Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: The Bicycle Starts At A Price Of 25 000 HUF, "It Is From Austria". - Dóra Budavári/ Wlb

You will find tons of used clothes and an unbelievable chaotic vortex with a huge variety of different products. Mostly second-hand stuff.

Photo: Messy Pile Of Clothes Around Noon. - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: An Intense Treasure Hunt Is Going On. Photo: Dóra Budavári - 

There are ugly dolls, a sea of porcelain products, rusty beach umbrellas, different cables, retro items, penknives, knives, pots, sculptures, indoor bicycles and mini televisions.

Photo: The Speaking Rocking Horse Starts From 3000 Huf. Photo: Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: "some People Are Looking For Ugly Dolls On Purpose! - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

The less valuable things are lying on the ground, but the real treasures are only available for the exclusive customers, like us. Since we were walking around with an iPhone 5 in our hands, suddenly a brand new iPhone appeared in its box.

Photo: "i Can See You Know The Brand! It's Yours For 100 000 Huf! "- Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

The ceramic knives were the biggest hit when we were there: priced at 8000 HUF in the morning, at noon we could have bought one for 2500 HUF. It's quite general, that you can buy certain products cheaper before closing.

Photo: "do You Want A Fish Tank? I Will Give You Fish, Too!" - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: "Mini Television, Brand New, It Is Working." - Dóra Budavári - Wlb

Some say there may be brand new cool clothes lying at the bottom of the giant pile of clothes, but we were not patient enough to start looking for them. Maybe next time. The treasure hunt was our main goal this time.

Photo: This Cute Little Princess Dress Costs Only 1000 Huf. - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: Someone Is Probably Missing These. - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

The flea market is located on a huge empty lot in Nyárfa utca. It's easy to find it, because it's on the left side as you arrive to the city. The market is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 AM until 2 PM, but many salesmen are leaving around noon. (We are still waiting for a reply about the official opening hours, because we haven't found proper information about this.)

Photo: We Bought It For 200 Huf. - Dóra Budavári   - We Love Balaton

Photo: Papa Smurf Is Still Waiting For An Owner. - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

Photo: Still Life With Banana Boxes And An Indoor Bicycle. - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

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