A Warm Winter Place - Mi a kő


  • Budavári Dóra

9/24/2013 2:00 AM

We have already mentioned "the future Kazinczy Street of Köveskál" before. The wait is finally over: Miakő is open, and Tamás Trombitás said, he wants to keep it going in winter as well. If there is enough wine, you have everything you need!

We have been waiting for the opening of Mi a kő since we talked to Tamás Trombitás. We weren't the only one, but the owner had to fight his battles with the authorities and the constructors. The battle is won and he kind of won, so we were happy to see not one, but two welcoming "OPEN" signs when we took a turn to the main street of Köveskál.

Photo: It Is Finally Open - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

'We're having a test run, it's time for everyone to discover this place,' says Tamás Trombitás as he is giving advice to a new employee. It's essential for the crew to be well-informed about the wine offer, because the second name of Mi a kő is The House of Káli-Medence's Wines. You can find only the products of local wineries on the shelves: Pálffy, Liszkay, Ódor, Kőróka, Scheller, Fodorvin, KáliKövek, Kaal Villa and last, but not least Trombitás Borház. Tamás Trombitás finally has a good place to host his wine tastings as well.

Photo: Trombitás Wines And The Bottles Of Local Wine Makers - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

New products will be coming in ,starting next month, from good friends, like Géza Légli and Zsófia Iványi. The short menu will change every month, but it will always depend on seasonal ingredients. The daily offers are written on a board; you can expect them if some kind of special mushroom or other ingredient comes in. Asking Tamás or the waiter about the offers might be a good idea: we found two plates of pumpkin cream soup in front of us right away, even though it wasn't written on the board.

Photo: Tamás Tells His Stories And Gives Advices To Everyone - Andrea Szabó - We Love Balaton

'Fortunately, the local restaurants and bars will stay open during autumn as well, and the accommodations follow their lead, too. We also welcome every guest, because we'll stay open in winter as well: maybe we'll take a short break in February to get some rest. There is a demand for our place, because a lot of people - including foreigners - want to eat quality food around here,' says Tamás. The interior design is still a work in progress: the fireplace is almost ready, the floor mosaics were made by Tamás, and the different pieces of art are finding their place on the wall while the shelves are filling up. Mi a kő is up and running, so check it out when in Káli-medence!

Photo: Mi A Kő's Atmosphere. Paintings On The Wall, Floor Mosaic And Warm Pumpkin Cream Soup - Dóra Budavári - We Love Balaton

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