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The Way to Start Your Tihany Morning - Tündérsziget

Last year, your best early breakfast option in Tihany was Tesco pastries from Füred and a drink from the coffee vending machine. Now we've discovered a breakfast spot that opened in June and has everything for an idyllic wake-up from home-made cheese and syrups, to gluten-free cakes. Surprising it may seem: it won't even close for winter.

The perks of a breakfast by Lake Balaton

  • You can choose from a wider range of home-made delicacies than you could ever find in stores
  • We bet you won't ave to fight for a table in the autumn
  • The majority of the fruits and vegetables on your plate did not travel thousands of kilometres
  • You're not in a hurry
  • But most importantly:
  • It's someone else doing the dishes in the end

All this, of course, goes for Tihany's new breakfast spot, Tündérsziget as well. We're talking about stop-gap place, and not only because this is the very first breakfast spot in Tihany: in May, we learnt it the hard way that there was no way you could get hold of a coffee or pastries at 8 in the morning. 'Think about it, not even bad weather could affect your opening hours. Even if the rain just didn't stop pouring all throughout your holiday, would it stop you from popping out for a coffee?' says the manager of Tündérsziget, riding the same train of thought that we do.

Tündérsziget, only a few minutes walk from the Abbey, has become a huge hit in Tihany in a very short time. It has appealed to the tourists primarily, who had bed, but not breakfast. It is the locals whom the manager misses, wishing they weren't so reclusive.

The garden of Tündérsziget is truly fairy tale-like with the ancient walnut tree by the house, the toys and the amazing view of Tihany's Lake Belső. The tiny room inside the house is more for the preparations and for storing the lavander-apricot jam among numerous other home-made Tündérsziget jams, and home-made cakes and cookies. The latter also include gluten-free creations.

We tried the avocado spread and the zacuscă (both from the manager's recipes), with locally produced cheeses: all proved to be naturally tasty, which is a winning feature for breakfasts.

They also sell bottled home-made letscho, syrups and jams, which are also available at the PIAC Placc. If you are unwilling to leave the Káli Basin, search for them at the Káptalantóti farmers' market.

If you decided to sit down here and eat, you can also opt for a ham platter, Frankfurters or Debreceners in addition to the cheeses, but if you want something lighter, the home-made muesli will not disappoint you.

The clothes store at the front of the house sells hand-embroidered tablecloths and flax and wool clothes.

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