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Miklós Jancsó and the Pheasant's Eyes - the Kornyi-tó


  • Kovács Attila |

4/15/2014 2:00 AM

The Kornyi-tó, right in the middle of Káli-medence, is a legendary location of Miklós Jancsó's movies. The "Kornyita" is an exciting place in itself, without horses and naked women, thanks to its rich flora and fauna.

Heading from Kővágóőrs towards Köveskál on the unswerving asphalt road, one doesn't even notice the largest lake of the Káli-medence, nicknamed the "Kornyita", a reedy lake on a closed basin.

Photo: Attila Kovács/

Still, pinpointing the position of the Kornyi-tó (Lake Kornyi) is quite easy: on the small hill above the lake, a group of sculptures by Imre Veszprémi watches over this piece of Hungarian countryside that could easily take on the most wonderful landscapes of Tuscany. Once you catch sight of the human figures, you'll soon find the parking lot, whence you only need to stroll down to the reedy-sedgy lakeside, which is loud with the song of frogs and reed warblers, and busy with the spring excitement of coots.

Photo: Attila Kovács/

The lake that is only 1.5 m deep can run dry during long months without precipitation, but it's buzzing with life in spring. On the lakeside, where many of Miklós Jancsó's movies were shot (including Égi bárány) is covered with protected green-winged orchids and nodding pheasant's eyes.

Photo: Attila Kovács/

Standing in silence for a few minutes here, one can catch sight of brown hares and ground squirrels running around in the short grass. Sparkling white great egrets often cross in dignified flight in front of the Fekete-hegy in the background, and you can also follow the wobbling patrol of the Eurasian marsh harrier closely. You can approach the Kornyi-tó also from the direction of Szentbékkálla, following the Theodóra Study Trail.

Photo: Attila Kovács/

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