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  • Bagi László

7/17/2014 2:00 AM

Those who have the presence of mind to stay on the north shore instead of the instant dipping at Siófok, and pass Almádi and Balatonfüred, will probably be pretty hungry upon reaching Tihany. Our advice is to take a rest here and find the PIAC Placc marketplace by the ferry. You'll be rewarded by great food, cool lemonade,and turn-of-the-20th-century peace.

Also when it's freezing

We would like to spare you the real time recounting of the history of this Tihany marketplace- let's leave it at that there was a Budapest-based art gallery guy (who spent summers sailing on Lake Balaton), then at the snap of the finger there was a uniform image with beige and white tents, antiquities, a beautifully renovated building, and a sign pointing to the right by the road, saying "Tihanyi Piac Placc here". The story, foo course, is much more complicated than that; it took the perseverance of Ákos Peleskey and the will to have food-drink-art at the same spot, both in the winter and the summer. In the meantime, the relationship with the Káptalantóti market is also cool: they have the Sunday, but on Saturdays you should stop in Tihany.

Photo: László Bagi

Not only to eat

Photo: László Bagi

Aside from the goods, the other strength of this market is the recognition that going to the market could be more than just mum and dad passing between the stalls arm-in-arm to buy cheese and mushrooms from their usual vendors. In Tihany, the market experience is accompanied by services that make it worthwhile to stay some more, sit down or drop by even when the pantry is full. There is bistro serving light dishes and lemonade. The little ones can release tension on the playground, getting away from the discussion about the fresh scent of onions, which clearly fail to captivate them.

Photo: László Bagi

The Wednesday-Friday-Saturday triangle

Photo: László Bagi

Most of the visitors leave the place with a basketful of local fruit syrups, jams, goat cheese, and potted basil, even if they only planned on windowshopping. The "we fancied it but have to leave it" list is still pretty long:its items include everything imaginable from repainted garden chairs to the skateboards. Don't let the eclectic variety of the items confuse you, this is one of the most polished markets around Lake Balaton: it boasts of a uniform image, arts events and assorted vendors

Photo: László Bagi

This marketplace is airy and well-structured: you don't have to rush through your buying list, you can also stay and just be. The goods on sale include specialities like the violet- or the dandellion syrup, the fig mustard, and the the marrow toast, but you'll also find the classical selection of ribs, homemade potato crisps, canned fruits, goat cheeses and sweet breads here.The market is open from 4 PM till sundown on summer Wednesdays and Fridays as well.

Photo: László Bagi

Photo: László Bagi


Upon first hearing that contemporary art moves to Tihany for quite a long weekend, you might believe that a couple of people will sell paintings they've just dusted off under a tree, but when you visit the website, you'll see that it is something entirely different. There is a really good range of programmes, like contemporary arts exhibitions, cooking classes, top shot guests like the Robert Capa Photography Centre, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art, or the Mai Manó Ház, water cinema, workshops and concerts of every genre. If you can, visit Tihany this weekend to forget stereotypes. Maybe, the majority of the artists you'll meet (dressed in a swimsuit) are Budapest-based, but the Balaton sunshine and the possibility of a refreshing swim in the lake are also huge pluses

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