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Back to nature! - Salföld Manor


  • Vígh Viktória

10/09/2014 2.00am

The environment surrounding the native domesticated animals and the other interesting sights not typically found on a Hungarian farm is just one of the attractive features of the Salföld Manor, situated in the Balaton Uplands National Park in the Káli Basin. It is a misconception that the manor is worth a visit only with kids or in lack of beach weather or a more active adventure. Can’t tell a Pumi from a Puli? You can still have a great time in Salföld.

The aim of the Salföld Manor is to showcase native Hungarian species, primarily Racka sheep, buffalo, Grey Cattle, poultry as well as sheep dog and horse breeds in an authentic environment established by recreating traditional Balaton Uplands buildings and farm structure. Since the Balaton is a mere three kilometres away as the crow flies, the farm sitting on the village edge is a cool alternative even for those who have not come to the Káli Basin for the sights specifically. Apart from keeping a 40-strong stud and several ponies, the manor hosts dog trials multiple times a year. For example, dogs from as far as Finland and Sweden arrived here in May and June to compete in a herding event. Herding instinct test, beauty contest, family activities, all year round.

Photo: Viktória Vígh - We Love Balaton

In terms of everyday programmes, the manor does not offer a one-of-a-kind experience anymore, as similar establishments have been opened, even around Lake Balaton, since its 1997 inception. The estate still draws a steady flow of 35,000 visitors a year, with families, groups of kindergarteners and school children, university students and those with a soft spot for horses making up the majority of regular visitors. From 15 March until mid November almost the whole Káli Basin is on display here, along with the animals and plants.

Photo: Viktória Vígh - We Love Balaton

And while we are on the subject of plants: you can test your sense of smell at the manor’s spice and herb garden, and soon you’ll be able to get advice on which plant to brew to cure various ailments. The thematic herb garden is not the only future project they are planning at the manor. The canteen selection, currently containing sandwiches with buffalo and Grey Cattle salami, cordials and bread and dripping, will also be spruced up with drinks made from locally grown tea leaves.

Photo: Viktória Vígh - We Love Balaton

Photo: Viktória Vígh - We Love Balaton

Those interested in the Balaton Uplands region will definitely appreciate surveying the photo exhibition Regényes Park, which showcases landscape photographs from the beginning of the 20th century as well as pictures shot by photographer László Molnár in 2000. Kids activities like exploring the playground or riding ponies are not your preferred way to spend your time at the manor? Hop on a horse drawn carriage and take a tour of the surrounding area, stopping off at the abbey two kilometres from the estate.

The Salföld Manor is full of adventures and sights, so we highly recommend that you spend as much time here as you can.

Photo: Viktória Vígh - We Love Balaton

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