If you’re looking to buy some great wine to add more fun to summer nights at Balaton, all you have to do is ask the experts of Bortársaság in Füred: the shop regularly stocks popular Balaton wines as well as items made by lesser known wineries.

Bortársaság is located on the ground floor of Balatonfüred’s Tesco store, and you could say it sells the wines of all the great Balaton wineries regardless of prominence. On the shelves, under the colourful portraits of the winemakers, you can find the wines of Gilvesy Winery, Villa Sandahl, Figula WineryKáli Kövek Winery and Skizo. It seems that the customers appreciate the wide selection (which also includes wines from the Sopron, Szekszárd and Villány regions along with the Balaton vintages): we visited the shop on a workday in the early afternoon, and regulars kept coming in the whole time we were there.

The manager told us that they strive to acquire the latest specialties, for which they need to visit one Balaton winery after the other to inspect the available vintages. That’s how the less hyped up items of Folly Arboretum and Béla és Bandi, and the new, special wines of Szent Donát Winery came to be sold at the shop.

The usual Bortársaság club membership discounts and packages are available in this shop as well: you can buy a six-bottle pack for 10,000 HUF; the current selection includes the items of Béla és Bandi, Skizo and Konyári Wine Cellar. Free delivery applies to all purchases exceeding 15,000 HUF. Their monthly updated range of new items are chilled to the prefect temperature in the shop’s fridges.

Looking around, it’s easy to tell that this is a Balaton establishment: pallet floorboards and colourful fish from Andrej Tóth’s Hekk Project lend the interior an urban Balaton vibe.