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How come there is squid in my burger? - Pura Vida Dine, Tapolca


  • Sebestyén Blanka

16/03/2015 1.00am

The recently opened Pura Vida Dine in Tapolca is a hit, and not only because it's probably the only quality bistro kitchen around, but also because it has added a new push to Balaton's gastronomical scene with its unique and fresh solutions. An example? Taste the squid-dyed black hamburger bun!

The reborn Cave Lake is not the only attraction of Tapolca this season: there is a brand new bistro named Pura Vida Dine on Fő Square, at a few minutes distance from Malom-tó (Mill Pond). Travelling here specifically for the Mediterranean specialities is highly recommended: you won't find a place of similar qualities nearby, or hamburger like theirs (probably) anywhere in the country for that matter.

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

This spot exuding a tranquil countryside vibe is a family venture; the owners had spent a few years in Spain before settling in Zalaháp, importing the love for Mediterranean cuisine that is now reflected in the dishes of Pura Vida Dine. In addition to the mussels and the likes, the menu lists re-imagined versions of Hungarian and international dishes, such as the cream version of the Jókai bean soup and chicken curry in piadina. With hamburgers, the place has gone far out: the fish burger is served in a home-made bun, dyed black with squid ink.

The blackboard in front of the restaurant displays the day's dishes, which are prepared fresh right in front of your eyes, in the open-view kitchen.The majority of the ingredients are Spanish or Italian import, but most of the wine selected specifically for the menu are from around Lake Balaton.  The antipasti, soups and salads cost around 700–1800 HUF, the baguettes and piadinas are approx. 1000 HUF. The majority of the main courses
cost 3500 HUF but you can grab a pasta or a risotto at the price of 1700 HUF already. The basic hamburger is also priced at 1700 HUF, and the home-made desserts are around 900–1200 HUF.

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

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