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The lavender here is more beautiful than in Pasadena - photo gallery


  • We Love Balaton

6/18/2015 4:29 PM

We Love Balaton has shared photos by talented photographers on Facebook since its launch, and this summer we are going to introduce as many of them as we can. Let’s start with Réka Peti-Peterdi: she has moved all the way to California from Hungary, but every summer she returns to visit her favourite places around Balaton. In 2014 she shot lots of pictures at Tihany’s Lavender Festival, and now she’s here to share some of the best ones with you.

  • Réka studied French linguistics at a Hungarian university, and now resides in America, in Pasadena
  • Even so, she comes home every summer to Lake Balaton
  • Last year, for example, she visited the Lavender Festival in Tihany
  • She sent us a gallery of picture documenting the experience
  • She is the winner of the Zsolnay Cultural Award
  • Budapest’s Millenáris as well as a gallery in California held exhibitions featuring her work last year
  • This is her website:
  • And you can find some of her pictures on her Facebook page as well
  • Not only ones of lavender

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