Badacsony's very own rainforest – video


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9/24/2015 12:42 PM

We’ve spotted two wonderful drone videos: one of them showcases the rustic Szigliget Castle, while the other one zooms in on Badacsony and its iconic basalt organs.

We’ve come across both videos on Vimeo, but unfortunately we couldn’t find the name of the talented cameraman – all we’ve managed to ascertain was that the clips had been uploaded to the profile BB Shots Aerial together with about 100 other drone videos. First off, we’ll show you Szigliget Castle and the unbelievable view of Balaton and the lake’s north shore. To make the video even more captivating, they’ve added a soundtrack that very much evokes a kind of Game of Thrones vibe.

In the other video, the camera zooms in on Badacsony, eventually showing all the ridges of the famous basalt organs, while we get to marvel at the various shades of green adorning the hilltop. We hardly ever see Badacsony from an angle like this: at first sight, it almost looks like a rainforest from the Amazonas region.

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