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Mi a Kő adds comfy beds to its repertoire


  • Molnár Zoltán

30/05/2016 6.28pm

If you’re a big fan of the Káli Basin, we’re going to break some happy news to you: there’s a new place in Köveskál that offers cozy, quiet rooms for a relaxed overnight stay. Owned by artist Tamás Trombitás and wife Kata Márványi, Mi a Kő – The House of Káli Basin’s Wines now has a new side worth exploring.

In recent years Köveskál has become the Kazinczy Street of the Káli Basin, and even of the entire Balaton Uplands: cool, new establishments have been cropping up all over the village, and almost everyone who’s someone on the nightlife scene of Budapest has purchased a vineyard nearby. One of these intriguing venues is Mi a Kő, located opposite the bus stop. We say venue because it’s no longer just a restaurant.

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

“Trombitás is at home in the world of abstract geometrics, metal-sculptures and installations, and simplified letters.” That is how we introduced Mi a Kő in 2013 here on We Love Balaton, and three years later that statement is still as true as ever. Mi a Kő is a gallery-like, wine bar-like restaurant where in addition to the wines of owner Tamás Trombitás, you can also sample the vintages of other cellars in the area. It’s one of the Káli Basin’s popular spots, awaiting visitors all year long, and due to its five-star reputation, booking a table is not only a good idea; it’s pretty much obligatory.

This summer has brought a big change: the venue's profile now includes three comfy guest rooms. During our visit we found out that the owners bought and renovated the house next door, and joined the yard with the garden of the restaurant.

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Balaton

The rooms are pleasant and simple; all of them have en-suite bathrooms, and most of them come with double beds. There’s also a common room or hall with a television, a coffee machine, a tea-making set (kettle, teabags, sugar, etc.), and two soft armchairs. The first guests arrived last summer, and there have been lots of bookings since then despite the fact that the owners don't promote themselves whatsoever.

The three rooms cost 12,000 forints, 14,000 forints, and 16,000 forints per night.

Mi a Kő is great place for those who are fond of quiet time: you won’t be disturbed by rambunctious kids running around in the yard (they’d probably be really bored because there’s no playground, digging the plants out in the garden is not allowed, and there’s usually no one to play with unless the legendary cat with the sewed up jaw is around), and there’s no annoying clamor, but there’s good food and lots of it. For the past two years, the kitchen’s been run by Zoltán Kordován, a chef who left Budapest behind for the idyllic Káli setting. The previous chef changed jobs and went to work in the neighboring vineyards, but still bakes sweet breads for the eatery.

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