The great trek – the Balaton Camino walk 2018


  • Rutai Lili

6/24/2018 4:20 PM

Three women walked the first ever Balaton Camino in 2017. This year, they did it again, with many others joining in along the way. Péter Orbán and his drone accompanied the group for the day to capture the beauty of the journey.

Balaton Camino lasted for ten days, the participants walking 200 kilometres around Lake Balaton. The journey started and ended in Balatonakarattya, in the eastern corner.

On the fifth day, the stage from Szigliget to Keszthely on the north shore, photographer Péter Orbán joined the walkers to capture as the colourful figures trekked towards their destination for the day, surrounded by lush greenery.

The pictures are available on Balaton Camino’s blog and on the OPhoto - Peter Orban Photography Facebook page.

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