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Where history meets modern gastronomy and winemaking: Tihanyi Vinarius


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7/21/2020 3:27 PM

In addition to its romantic streets, lavender fields and hiking trails, we now have another reason why visiting Tihany, the jewel of Lake Balaton, is a must. Tihanyi Vinarius is a wine bar, gastro bar and events venue, which has granted a new, modern function to the monumental building of the Tihany Abbey Cellar and Press House, built in the 1820s.

Excellent Hungarian wines and special, handcrafted nectars created by the wineries around Lake Balaton can be found at Tihanyi Vinarius, in an elegant and charming environment. This beautiful, modern cellar was created by the renovation of a 200-year-old building, retaining the thatched roof that lends a classic touch to the overlook look of Tihany, and remodelling the wine-press house in line with its new function. 

From the terrace of Vinarius, you can see the lake, Tihany Abbey Church and the surrounding hills, while sampling magnificent bites and those fine nectars.

Photo: Tihany Vinarius

This rustic yet modern gastro spot in Tihany's most exciting winery comprises 45 seats, the cellar can accommodate 100-150 people, and the terrace can seat 120 guests. The traditional flavours of Hungarian cuisine are crafted in the see-through kitchen, with its new design, using health-conscious and modern technology.

Salads, meats and vegetarian wine snacks, Hungarian classics and gorgeous desserts make up the menu. Vinarius prepares dishes adapted to seasonal ingredients, forming a perfect fusion with the selection of drinks.

Photo: Tihany Vinarius

Over nearly two centuries, although much has changed in the Tihany press house, one thing has remained constant: a love of wine. The restaurant’s wine bar serves bottles by the most renowned producers, while tastings combined with snacks are also held here.

There are 70 varieties on offer, half sold by the glass, with the opportunity for small wine samplings for up to two to four people. In addition to gaining insight into the world of wine, guests can purchase their favourite items at cellar prices to take home with them.

Photo: Tihanyi Vinarius

“In Vinarius, it’s basically all about wine. We can offer items from all the major wine regions and we offer a very wide selection from the Lake Balaton wine region. Not only do we work with star winemakers, we are also happy to select products from young emerging wineries. Once a year, we change our wine list with the help of our suppliers and sommelier,” says Vinarius sales manager Sebastien Samicskov.

Photo: Tihany Vinarius

Close to the centre of Tihany and the Abbey, but away from the hustle and bustle of hikers: the perfect venue for almost any occasion. Whether it’s a family event, a gathering of friends, a birthday, a wedding, a corporate do or even team-building, Vinarius offers high-quality services and personalised package deals. It is child- and dog-friendly, offers free parking and bicycle storage, and is easily accessible by the little train or from the ferry. 

Photo: Tihany Vinarius

On August 1, Imre Rakonczai is holding a special piano evening, and the best winemakers from the north coast will be providing the libations for the wine dinner. Watch their Facebook page so you don’t miss out on other exciting events! 

Tihanyi Vinarius
8237 Tihany, Kiserdőtelepi út 15

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