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The Game of the Ice Cream Throne - Part III.

Nyitott Balaton starts on 1 May, which also means that the Ice Cream of Balaton will be uncovered. We showed you 8 out of the 15 contestants already, and now here are the last secret weapons of the last 7. 1 week, 30 new ice cream flavourss, it's definitely a tough nut to crack.

Marcipán Confectionery, Siófok

Marcipán Confectionery cooks its over 60 ice cream varieties in the heart of Siófok, right by the feet of the water tower. The selection has always included sugar-free creations, while the lactose-free, milk-free and vegan scoops will be introduced this year.

Their two entries in the Ice Cream of Balaton contest are the Linzer-based Nyári mámor (~Summer Rapture), spiced with cinnamon-orange fico ragout, and a fruity summer creation cooked with Sió fruit juice.

Marcipán Confectionery
Address: 8600 Siófok, 174-176 Street

Geleta Confectionery, Balatonlelle

Geleta Confectionery is found right by main road 7 inside Balatonlelle: you can find it in the direction of Balatonboglár from the central roundabout, close to the train station.The place has a constantly changing selection, with permanent classics, like the chocolate cookie or the rum walnut. They are always experimenting with new flavours, such as the basil white chocolate.

They entered a caramel-based pear-milk chocolate flavour to the contest, in harmony with the French trend the confectionery follows. Their other competition piece is the Anglo-Saxon inspired Pavlova, with meringue and (probably) blueberry bits.  The international nature of the ice cream creations would still allow for local specifics, like South Balaton ingredients, e.g. black locust honey or nut oil.

Nosztalgia fagyizó, Fonyód

Nosztalgia Fagyizó is find in the Bélatelep part of of Fonyód, udner 37, József Attila Street. The ice cream parlour that has been operating since 1954 uses its own and locally acquired ingredients, instead of the widely favoured Italian ones. The reason behind the limited selection is that they prepare fruit ice creams from fruits that can stand their ground without added aroma or flavour enhancer.

This year, Nosztalgia tries to impress everyone with a creation inspired by the classical Hungarian sweets, Dunakavics - a dragee with crunchy toasted peanut inside. Their other entry wasn't revealed to us, but they hinted at a fruit that grows in Hungary as well.

Hullám büfé és fagylaltkert, Balatonmáriafürdő

Under 218, Hullám Street, between the Balatonmáriafürdő alsó train station and the beach stands the Hullám buffet and ice cream garden. Operated as a family enterprise since 1997, Hullám sells a traditional selection, ithe xtras such as the Balatoni nyár (Balaton Summer - vanilla with nuts and chocolate) or the Borzas Kata (Scruffy Kate - sponge cake)

Last year, they did not participate in the contest; this year, they entered for the fun. Ötödik ász (Fifth Ace) is a layered fruit creation with a fruit for each season from spring to autumn, yoghurt for winter, and a fifth element for Balaton. The other entry is top secret: a 7-year-old, widely popular flavour.

Szilágyi Confectionery, Zalakaros

Petőfi Sándor Street, the extension of the main street of Zalakaros is where you'll find the Szilágyi Confectionery, the place for clear-cut flavours. They enjoy combining traditional flavours, but have some specials as well, like  Clove-cinnamon pear, the lavender white chocolate or the orange dark chocolate.

One of their entries is a chestnut-based ice cream with red wine sour cherry; the other is quite the feat: baked apple in ice cream form.

Jordanics Confectionery, Keszthely

You'll find Jordanics Confectionery in Keszthely, at only a few corners distance from the Helikon Palace Museum, in Pethő Street. They like to try the occasional salty flavour, with specials, like Pumpkin, Beetroot and the Easter creation Horseradish.

Their first entry is simply dubbed Új fagyi (New Ice Cream): the flexseed-yoghurt-strawberry ice will be accompanied by the Nem tudom szilva ("I don't know plum") creation .

Cappuccino Café, Balatongyörök

Only a few steps from the Balatongyörök pier and beach, the Cappuccino Café sells wonders like the 100% pistachio pistachio ice cream and some gluten-, milk-, and sugar-free creations. The ice creams have been cooked on the spot since 1990, the selection consists of 36 variations simultaneously.

The café only revealed one entry, which is a Floating Island dessert-based ice cream with caramel, toasted walnut, and brittle.

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