5 new Balaton restaurants to try this summer


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08/08/2019 2.58pm

There are always promising newcomers where Lake Balaton’s culinary scene is concerned. These five recently opened spots each have a different atmosphere, but there’s one thing they have in common: their kitchens are inspired by Hungarian cuisine.

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8261 Badacsonytomaj, Park utca 26.

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Hableány in Badacsony is an iconic spot dating back almost 140 years. It has been a hotel, a restaurant, a post office, an events venue and a store. Thanks to the Laposa family, and a two-year reconstruction, Hableány has now been brought back to life as a large complex that’s an elegant bistro, a wine bar, a grape-processing plant and a community space in one. The terrace is a great spot, while the spacious interior is likely to fill up in winter.

Worth a visit because...? 
Hableány serves as a wine-making showroom where you can follow the grapes from the beginning until the wine ends up in bottles. You can even see the central tank area behind the glass walls. The bistro’s cherry soup is great, although the fruit soup changes according to what’s in season. Their pasta with mushrooms and spinach is a great summer dish, as is the Mozaik salad.

Price range:
3,500 HUF – 4,300 HUF for a main course

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KisKert Vendéglő, Siófok 


Ágnes Südy and Szilárd Horváth used to work at the legendary Kistücsök in Balatonszemes before starting their own business in Siófok. The interior displays pleasant green and brown hues while the garden has an abundance of lush plants. The dishes here are influenced by Hungarian cuisine but the kitchen has its own concept. They sous-vide and ferment everything they can, using mostly locally sourced ingredients. The menu includes goulash, vegetable ragout, stews, fruit soups, pork shoulder and schnitzel, all made from fresh ingredients of outstanding quality.

Worth a visit because...? 
It’s in the relatively quiet Balatonszéplak part of town, where you can enjoy your meal in a shaded garden. They pay special attention to detail: there’s fresh, local bread, roses on the tables and the staff smile. The vegetable ragout is served with soft boiled eggs, the fruit soup can be ordered as a dessert, if that’s what the guest wants. Presentation also counts.

Price range:
2,500 HUF – 4,000 HUF for a main course

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Padlás Bistro, Fonyód


This elegant bistro opened in Fonyód this summer, on the third floor of a shopping centre. Few restaurants at Balaton are accessed by elevator. Ben Várszegi, a chef just returned from the UK, creates the dishes in an open kitchen. The menu is simple, with five appetisers and eight main dishes, while there’s a daily special on weekdays. Unfortunately, they don’t serve dinner on the panoramic terrace.

Worth a visit because...?  
The bistro’s style is promising and refreshing for the south shore. The creamy asparagus and green pea soup served with Parmesan and almonds is quite convincing, just like the brownie served with homemade sorbet.

Price range:
1,850 HUF – 3,950 HUF for a main course

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Szálka Bistro


8241 Aszófő, Balaton utca 12.

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Csongor Horváth, executive chef at Neked Főztem, opened the north shore’s first fish restaurant in the centre of Aszófő in May. Combining with chef Gergő Cziszer, 80% of the selection is some kind of fish, mostly sourced from around Lake Balaton. Chicken, beef and goats’ cheese dishes also feature.

Worth a visit because...? 
There are traditional dishes, such as carp fillet or fish soup, and lighter fish-based meals served with salad. The hake is coated in breadcrumbs and herbs, and the homemade kifli crescent rolls are great. Szálka is also a wine shop, the only one of its kind in the area that stays open late.

Price range:
2,800 HUF – 3,900 HUF for main dishes of fish, 1,890 HUF for the catfish soup 

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Tölgyes Kúria


8283 Káptalantóti–Rizapuszta, Hrsz. 082/2

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This beautiful, 120-year-old building was revived in 2018. Originally a wedding and events venue, it now also operates as an à la carte restaurant. The kitchen can serve hundreds of diners, and creates Hungarian dishes using regional ingredients. The short menu includes traditional and more modern choices as well. Meats and cheeses come from a nearby farm while the chef uses the herbs grown in the restaurant’s garden.

Worth a visit because...? 
Here you can feel like travelling back in time, although dishes are made with cutting-edge technology. They only use plant-based cream and milk, so you can try the creamy soups and other similar dishes even if you have allergies. The terrace is surrounded by old oaks, providing a beautiful backdrop complete with the view of Lake Balaton.

Price range:
3,000 HUF – 5,300 HUF for a main course

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