Do The Strand - 10 gigs to warm you up for Strand Festival


  • Németh Róbert

18/08/2015 3.33pm

We borrowed the title from a song by the legendary veteran band Roxy Music, and while they aren’t going to play the biggest Hungarian end-of-summer music festival, have no fear: the best of the Hungarian music scene as well as a number of contemporary pop stars from all over the world will take the stage at the four-day event, which has gradually crept higher are higher on the list of major Hungarian festivals, adding a unique hue to the range of events taking place around Lake Balaton.


August 19, 3pm, Petőfi Rádió–MOL Main Stage  

A group called Fish! has to be included in a concert guide of a lakeside festival, of course, and Krisztián Kovács and his funk-rock-blasting band play insane parties every time anyway – so we have no choice but to let you know that Fish! will have the honour of opening this year’s Strand Festival.

Vad Fruttik

August 19, 8:30pm, Petőfi Rádió–MOL Main Stage  

Marcell Likó, his band and their songs, which are uplifting, gloomy, scratchy and melodic at the same time, are huge favourites in clubs all over Hungary and festivals held throughout the year. Their gig is especially timely as well because they’ve recently come out with a new EP full of awesome songs, which will surely shake up the Balaton shore.

Simple Plan

August 19, 9:30pm, Petőfi Rádió–MOL Main Stage  

An American band playing melodic pop-punk is perfect for you to check out at the last of summer’s big festivals by the lake – last chance to go crazy! It’s a simple plan, but it works.

Akkezdet Phiai

August 20, 5:30pm, OTP Junior Main Stage  

Poetry and hip hop go hand in hand, or rather blend in a pretty unique way in the music of Újonc aka Závada Peti and Said aka Márk Süveg. Another thing worth adding is that they’ll take the stage with the totally incredible Amoeba, so we really have no reason not to recommend their gig for this day.


August 20, 10:30pm, OTP Junior Main Stage  

Quimby is a summer festival staple with their reliable and explosive style. We’re sure that Tibi Kiss, his mates and their flawless repertoire of hits ranging from pastelly chansons to mad beats will make every member of the Strand Festival audience happy.

All Time Low

August 20, 9:30pm, Petőfi Rádió–MOL Main Stage  

Perhaps the most important international star act to hit the stage on Thursday is All Time Low. Founded in 2003, the band released their sixth studio album this year, so their name will definitely sound familiar if your ears are regularly glued to Petőfi Rádió.

Krafty Kuts

August 20, 1:30am, OTP Junior Main Stage  

An emblematic figure and a major player of contemporary electronic dance music, English Krafty Kuts (born Martin Reeves) is known for masterfully mixing grime, house and hip hop. He was chosen DJ of the year three times, and in the past few years he’s also snatched up a number of electronic music awards. All we ask of him is to make us dance on the shore of Lake Balaton.

Glass Animals

August 21, 10:30pm, Petőfi Rádió–MOL Main Stage  

We expect that British Glass Animals, who played a gig at Budapest’s Akvárium Klub earlier this year, will give the most exciting performance of the entire festival. The melodies created by the four young guys contain elements of art pop, indie guitar tunes, electronica, afrobeat vibes, hip hop and R&B. Heads up: it’s going to be epic!

Ivan and The Parazol

August 22, 3pm, Petőfi Rádió–MOL Main Stage  

Ivan and the guys are all done with the songs of their next album The All Right Nows, which they will hopefully give us a sneak peek of in Zamárdi. The old favourites and lots of energy will also be coming your way from the stage.


August 22, 7pm, OTP Junior Main Stage  

Charming, cool and pumping out hits like there’s no tomorrow – Hungary’s pop princess will come to Strand Festival to sing all her most popular songs about heartbeats, late nights and special moments.

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