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4/19/2014 2:00 AM

Where to eat in Siófok? Restaurant tips from the main square to the Petőfi sétány, from thai soups to pizzas. Advices by a local on browsing the menus.

As opposed to Balatonszemes or Balatonfüred, Siófok is not a widely recognised catchword for gourmets, still, you do not have to fall back on breaded cutlets and french fries when visiting this city. We called a local friend - an expert of the local food range -  to our help, the quotes are from them.

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

Bella Italia Restaurant


A long-standing Italian restaurant in a corner of the main squre of Siófok, opposite to another old hand, the Marcipán Confectionery. 'The quality of their dishes and the range of their wines both make this place the number on Italian restaurant of Siófok. My favourite that I never get tired of is Pizza Amore (parma ham, cherry tomato, ruccola and parmigiano cheese) with a double mozarella base plus green apple lemonade.'

Address: 8600 Siófok, 4 Fő Square

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

Roxy Café & Restaurant


The menu of Roxy, a popular spot in the opposite end of the main square, is rather international, ranging from Hungarian dishes top pizza. 'Guests have to make difficult decisions here. Vetrece [creamy chiken soup with tarragon] in a loaf or four-cheese cream soup with gnocchi? Crispy duck leg or venison backstraps wrapped in bacon with vanilla quince puree? Their daily offer and discount pizza offer make them - deservedly - one of the most successful food delivery servies in town.'

Roxy Restaurant and Pizzeria
Address: 8600 Siófok, 1 Szabadság Squaer

Repeta Gastro Club


About 10 metres from Roxy, on the opposite side of the street stands the Repeta Gastro Club under an archway surviving from the 1980ies.  'A true gastro-pub. It covers all your needs from dropping by for a chat, through eating a discount menu to evening parties.'

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

Mala Garden****


8600 Siófok, Petőfi sétány 15/a

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There are no Far Eastern restaurants along the entire length of the Balaton lakeshore, apart from the Mala Garden restaurant and wellness hotel in Siófok, which stands directly on the shore. 'In the summer, there are Saturday parties in the restaurant. Its menu offers Far Eastern and Hngarian specialities both; their thai vegetable soup is not to be missed.'

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton



Leaving Siófok towards Zamárdi on Main Road 7, right beyond the end-of-town sign stands the Öreg Halász Restuarant beside the road. It's hard to miss, for the buliding constructed entirely of wood and decorated with ornamentral wooden poles resembles a fairy-tale dwelling of wizards (or a gigantic sauna).  'This, for me, is a bizarre time capsule. Chequered  tablecloth, grimy glasses and a (worn-out) crude waiter. Still, its fish and traditional dishes both make it an indubitable favourite with people in search of homely flavours. The menu is shockingly copious.'

Öreg Halász Restaurant
Address: 8600 Siófok, 10 Zamárdi Street



Piroska Csárda stands a few hundred metres past the Öreg Halász. Standing a bit further off the road, the lawn in front of the building is covered with merry-go-rounds and other travelling amusement structures in the summers. 'This place has a truly classical menu and fulfils all expectations. The sirloin steak with fried onions and the crispy roast trotter are highly recommended. It is a child-friendly facility with an interior playroom and a separate kids' menu.'

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

Diner american restaurant


This one is a seasonal offer from the party district of Siófok, the Petőfi sétány, which is only starting to rub the sleep from its eyes in April. 'Its furnishings, air and music instantly trigger me to do dance moves from Pulp Fiction, but while I  muffle these reflexes, the kids do not have to restrain themselves here. Their favourites are the tenderloin wrap and the turkey-cheese sandwich. You can order portions only seen in documentaries before.'

Photo: Sebestyén Blanka - We Love Balaton

Brownie Café & Restaurant Lounge


Another seasonal cake and grill place at the end of Petőfi sétány.'The pleasant service is only the crown on the smell of freshly grilled meat and the refreshing water vapour constantly sprinkled on guests. The place was deservedly named after the legendary cake... Its non-stop summer opening hours makes it perfect for rushes of hunger during afterparty dawns.'

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