5 great new places on Balaton’s south shore


  • Chilembu Krisztina

13/08/2021 3.46pm

There have been plenty of new openings on the south shore this summer, from Helka’s small-batch beers on the 'Földvár waterfront to specialty coffee with vegan ice cream in Siófok. Here are our favourites!

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Balaton

BL Delikát


8638 Balatonlelle, Köztársaság út 36A


It has long been the dream of Balázs Tóth, managing director of BL Yachtclub & Apartments, to create a space for the wares of local producers. Around the time of the last lockdown, the idea came to open a delicatessen in an available room, with only products from around Lake Balaton on the shelves. The list covers only a fraction of the offer, but here we can find cheeses from Kastélyosdomb, Nübel and Vászolyi cheese (they sometimes sail across to the north shore for supplies), spectacular Balaton meats, pastas by Csehi, jams from Kisberény, cordials from Spiesz Orsi and Csilli Choco Bons chocolate from Balatonlelle. Craft beer can be found in 12 varieties, plus Balaton gins and brandies. Balázs isn’t planning to pull down the blinds come September – the shop will also open in winter, with wine and whisky tastings and workshops all planned.

Photo: Orbán Péter - We Love Balaton

Café Spirit


8600 Siófok, Fő utca 254D


A little further from the buzzing crowd, the first and only vegan café-confectionery in the area has opened in Siófok, where you can find lactose-, gluten- and sugar-free sandwiches, cakes and baked goods. Lemonades are served with sugar-free cordial, and, of course, plant-based milk is available in the light-roasted specialty coffee. Even vegan ice cream goes into the coffee sometimes. The owners have addressed another gap in the market in addition to the food – upstairs is a meeting room for hire with air-conditioning.

Photo: Helka Sörkert/Facebook

Helka Sörkert


This small-batch brewery has long been planning move into an old house belonging to state rail company MÁV in Balatonföldvár. In the meantime, Helka’s range of wheat beers, IPAs and Kölsch-style brews can be sampled in the cosy garden of the Hotel Anna Villa, reached from riverside Kvassay sétány, where Viennese pretzels and delicious grilled sausages are sold as the waters of Lake Balaton ripple opposite. Don’t look for classic holiday varieties – venison-and-juniper, Alpine cheese, wild garlic are all on the menu, as well as classic Hungarian fried sausage and traditional Munich bratwurst, with Vecsés pickles and bread on the side. You will also find wines from the area and a restrained selection of spirits here if beer doesn’t grab you.

Photo: Orbán Péter - We Love Balaton

Rolling Circus Grill


8171 Balatonvilágos, Aligai út 1 (Club Aliga)


Ákos Lokodi’s food truck came from Pécs to Balaton and settled under the shady trees of Aligha Kert, at the beginning of this summer. The chef, who previously worked as a graphic designer, then at several restaurants in Pécs, put together the buffet truck with his own hands and dreamed up a special concept for design and food. Here he offers pulled pork and meat made on a rôtisserie – chicken and porchetta – in a Bosnian pie, but you can also order a grill plate with the chef’s own branded grilled sausages in apple-sage-and-cider, Hungarian, thyme-and-marjoram and curry-cheddar varieties. The master chef of the Rolling Circus also offers homemade parsley and Sriracha sauces, Viennese potato salad and pineapple coleslaw as side dishes – all this in a truck evoking the atmosphere of an old circus, Ákos wearing a casual T-shirt and a big smile on his face.

Photo: Orbán Péter - We Love Balaton

Völgyhíd Konyha & Rét


M7 motorway/121 turn-off


Villa Gréta's former centre on Kőröshegy, a panoramic and perfect location for a relaxing day, is home to several gourmet places. Coffee and pastries come from bakery À Table!, while the Konyha Bistro opened this July, food overseen by chef Attila Pillók. Ojo Ice supplies the ice cream parlour with its premium treats. The wine list relies on Balaton producers, and Rét hosts concerts and sunset yoga.

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