Places you'd love to call home - Airbnb listings on the north shore


  • Tucsni László

5/15/2015 4:10 PM

Airbnb, the alternative accommodation finder is extremely popular all around the world: people - not necessarily in the hospitality trade - upload pictures of their own flat/house, set a price per night for renting, and accommodate tourists who have grown tired of uniform hotel rooms. It's basically the Zimmer Frei of the 21st century. We found 500+ Airbnb accommodations by Lake Balaton, of which we picked a few attractive north shore lodgings. We'll soon return with a south shore selection.


It has been pretty clear that in a place like, where Matróz, Kredenc and the new wave Baricska were happy to lay roots, alternative accommodations would also abound. We found a 40 m2 flat furnished in style, with internet and AC. The exceptional panorama, of course, comes with a price: you have to climb up the hill beyond the Arács train station, close to the Gombás Mansion. The host already has a few great reviews: they gave a lift to Emilie from the train station and lent her a bicycle for better access to the centre of Füred.

How many of you can it hold? 2 beds, 4 guests.
How much does it cost for one person if the four of you rent it? 6000 HUF/night
Anything else? In the summer, the minimum stay is 6 nights.


Joining the secret beach sect of Sajkod must be no. 1 on every Balaton bucket list ever. There is a house on airbnb that could be a perfect starting point to such an adventure, and which could be the centre of a film called (peaceful) Lake House: the furniture is pleasantly modern without the IKEA impression, there is a habitable attic that you can use for an extra fee, and it can hold 8 people altogether. The location is literally perfect: on the shore, at about 5 minutes from the Sajkod beach. You can't help but relax here: all sources of stress have been eliminated, including the internet.

How many of you can it hold? 4 beds, 8 guests.
How much does it cost for one person if the four of you rent it? 8500 HUF/night
Anything else? Haven't been to Sajkod yet? It's high time you visited.


If every press house looked like this in Hungary, we wouldn't be Hungarians, but the staff of an oversize interior design magazine.  The house was renovated 4 years ago, so it now utilises rain water and solar energy, plus it looks high standard. Recommended for hiking, wine touring and Káli Basin fan couples, but don't expect to be able to go for a dip in Lake Balaton first thing in the morning. That takes a 20-minute drive to Badacsony.

How many of you can it hold? 3 beds, 2 guests.
How much does it cost for one person if the two of you rent it? 8500 HUF/night
Anything else? We don't quite get it why only 2 people are allowed for 3 beds.


We found a two-room house in Balatongyörök that would convince anyone of being the home of a Swedish architect and a fashion designer in Bergen, whereas in reality you'll have to take a right somewhere halfway in between Ederics and Györök. Although the western connection and the job aren't far from the truth: Attila and Noémi live in Austria and work in the fashion industry; their prices are also aimed at tourists from the western part of Europe.The fireplace and the wifi do help, plus there is  the view that would be sin not to mention.

How many of you can it hold? 4 beds, 4 guests.
How much does it cost for one person if the two of you rent it? 11 400HUF/night
Anything else? Head north for hiking and south for the beach. It's a win either way.


21 outstanding reviews are saying something. The almost exclusively foreign commenters of this house in Badacsonytomaj are smitten with the summer home of Silvia and Andrea, which is, let's admit, quite understandable: the 124m2 house built 3 years ago has A/C, internet, a jacuzzi and furnishing that would make an interior design blogger cry tears of joy. All of this comes with a not-so-modest price tag, which might make you consider a hotel with stars, but the free-to-use bikes, the wine cellars close by and the breakfast basket (praised by several comments) could just make you decide in favour of this spot.

How many of you can it hold? 6 beds, 4 guests.
How much does it cost for one person if the two of you rent it? 15 000HUF/night
Anything else? The minimum stay is 2 nights in the summer.

+1 Balatonfüred

To advertise your boat on Airbnb is definitely an alternative idea: Füred has one of these as well, in the yacht called Limbo. In addition to the high level of adventure associated with it, the best thing about it is that you get to wake up in the marina, just two minutes from the Tagore Promenade. Most of the comments are positive, and although there are a few complaints about the cleanliness of the place, the owner duly apologised to all of them and even repaid the rental fee to one. The host doesn't live in Füred, but the comments show that a personal encounter isn't at all necessary: every second comment praises their emphasis on great communication.

How many of you can it hold? 3 beds, 4 guests.
How much does it cost for one person if the two of you rent it? 5 800 HUF/night
Anything else? You might not get to meet the owner, who stays in Budapest on weekdays and is in Füred on weekends only.

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