Csaba Török is hell bent on making the best wine at all costs. And when he says all costs, it is dead serious. He doesn't care about crossing the traditional boundaries, like making red wine in the Badacsony region.

Csaba Török doesn't think this is a taboo, because the local vineyards had as many red grapevines as whites in the 19th century. They were destroyed due to a huge phylloxera plague and the last 40 years' industrial wine production.

2HA has replanted the Sangiovese grape variety,which is of ancient Etruscan origins and which had already been grown here in Roman times. This Sangiovese clone is the basis of Tuscany's world-famous red wine, Brunello; while 2HA uses its yield for the production of Tabunello,Csaba Török's favourite wine.

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