A Konyhám opened on the main beach of Balatonfenyves and is managed by Gabi Szikra, who might be familiar to some people from the kitchen of SzalonSpicc in Budapest.

Looking for hake, lángos, or pancakes would be in vain here, instead they have burgers, pastas, and even some vegetarian and vegan meals that are way better than the usual food we can get on the beach, not to mention that the price is just about the same as it would be if we were having lunch in the next-door buffet.

It is also a great idea to stop by in the morning, as, instead of the plain sandwiches one might make at home, we can start the day with an abundant breakfast at A Konyhám – by the way, they even make the croissants themselves.

Tip: A Konyhám won the Beach Food of the Year award in 2018 with their cross between waffles and latkes.

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