Arácsi has become a serious competitor on Balatonfüred's confectionery market despite the fact that it is much smaller than Bergmann and Karolina. Many guests have fallen in love with the sunny terrace, and the small, but cozy interior at first sight. The ceramic stove, the countless jars of jams and books on the shelves will make you feel at home right away. Since it's not that close to the city centre, tourists do not stumble upon the place by chance; instead Arácsi has its regular guests. You can order delicious cakes, but they also offer homemade patisseries, ice cream and salty pastries as well.

Tip: We made a good decision with the pogácsa with pumpkin seeds – we haven't tasted such a fresh and tasteful one for a long time. Another favorite is the baked cheesecake. Locals swear by the Cremeschnitte, but one has to be lucky to get this, as they run out quickly.

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