Thanks to the efforts of the Tourism Association of Balatonfenyves, the Balatonfenyves Outdoor Cinema offers a versatile selection of top-quality movies released a couple of years ago. You can catch a film here when there is no zumba class going on. Screenings have a cosy vibe with plastic chairs being set up in rows in front of the screen, which you are free to move closer to each other if a bunch of you want to curl up under the blanket you have brought with you.

From a little table they sell popcorn for you to munch on, which you can wash down with a variety of non-alcoholic beverages available at the cinema, currently called Kultúrtér. The good news for those coming from neighbouring towns is that the railway station is super close, just across the road; the bad news is that the movie sometimes does not end by the time the last train leaves.

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