Full of willows and groves, Kenese’s public beach is connected to Balaton by a roughly 50-metre wooden bridge, which goes slightly around the nearby reed field. You can descend into the water on a couple of stairs, and there’s a sunbathing deck as well.

The bathrooms, showers and changing cabins are housed in a small building, with single-person cabins also available. The beach is more suitable for sunbathing than lounging in the shade, as there are only a few trees that you can cool down under.

The row of food stands has all the well known beach food delicacies from lángos with Nutella to hake. Parking in the streets nearby is free.

Tip: You can reach the lake another way, on the “path” running through the reed bed, but this area is usually packed with kids playing in the sand, wallowing in the mud and building sandcastles.

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