Vak Bottyán Beach is located next to the boat stop of Balatonkenese. Opposite the entrance, there’s a parking lot with a capacity of about a hundred cars, but the beach is also within a few hundred meters of the train and bus stations, and there’s even a bike path running nearby. The current layout of paved beach, which is about 300 metres long and has an area of 1.8 hectares, was created in 2006 – that’s also the year it received the Blue Wave Award. The beach of Balatonkenese, often referred to by the modest name “Balaton’s northwesterly gate”, is perhaps most ideal for families: the lawn is maintained with care, the bathrooms are nice and clean, and there’s a toy castle with four towers, a day care area and nursing room. It’s also important to note that this is one of the fully accessible beaches of the lake. The information and internet point is manned by employees fluent is several foreign languages. A life-saving tip: the convenience store by the edge of the parking lot is open until late in the evening. Unfortunately, not all is perfect: during the beach’s renovation, the giant slide that was a favourite attraction of beachgoers was dismantled, and not much has been done to combat the excess mud on the lakebed.

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