“O, if I were a blue tit, I’d get on my way
In a rolling beam of sunlight I’d sing my doh-re
Every blessed evening I’d nibble and trill
And fly back last thing to my mum’s windowsill.”
(Sándor Weöres: Buba’s Song, trans. George Szirtes)

The Buba Éneke (Buba’s Song) Playground has been welcoming families not too far from the town centre, in Hévíz's Zrínyi utca since 2010. You might easily think that the 1500-square metre park belongs to the nearby Hotel Sante, but it is in fact private property. Built from wooden playground units, the venue that was named after the poem of the same name by Sándor Weöres complies with all relevant regulations, so it is safe and entertaining at the same time. Along with the jungle gym, the vertical climbing wall, seesaws, spring riders, traditional and bucket swings, there are a number of benches to relax on and even a drinking fountain for thirsty visitors.

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