Applied artist Katalin Bartunek had been dreaming of renovating a dilapidated castle, that is how she found the building of the Csigó-malom (Csigó Mill) in Gyulakeszi, which actually looks a lot like a small castle. Today the building houses an antique dealership under the name Stílus Galéria, but don’t think it’s a shabby flea market selling old furniture you’ll see at your grandma’s.

Stílus Galéria has items from all eras and styles, from Hungary and beyond. The dream project of Katalin Bartunek was to set up a cultural center, a concept which the continuously evolving Csigó-malom is more and more able to accommodate. This is also how the Xavér Varnus Concert Chamber was established in the mill’s building, where guests cannot only listen to the famous organist, but also to other concerts and talks.

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