The Gutman Wine Cellar moved to a new location within the South Balaton township of Kötcse a year and a half ago. The signs you’ll come across in the village will point you to the direction of the old cellar, but the new one can be found closer to the highway.

Winemaker László Gutman, who originally aspired to become a lawyer, owns the cellar: sit out on the terrace and sip on some wine while admiring the view of the Balaton, which makes even the jaws of the locals drop. 6-7 types of wines are produced from the yield of a 9-hectare vineyard, among them the unique cuvée made from Irsai and Green Veltliner.

Wine tastings are also organized here, accompanied by cheese and apples, but you can also order a peasant’s platter with homemade sausages, cheeses and vegetables or stew-pot dishes. Pastries are also available upon request, but those with a sweet tooth will appreciate the homemade Gutman wine jams, too.

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