If you love the wines of Csopak, you definitely owe thanks to a Bishop and an economist. Bishop János Ranolder built this winery in the mid-1800s and then István Jásdi bought and reconstructed it in 1998 – now it’s a place where renowned wines are made. 

Ranolder’s press-house
 was expanded with a modern terrace, from where you can admire the view of the eastern part of Balaton, while sipping the wines of Jásdi Pincészet. If you are lucky, you can not only enjoy the view and the Welschriesling, but you can also meet István, who loves to sit down at the terrace and share stories, or you can also bump into his son, Attila, whosometimes cooks a few dishes to go with the wines and as rumor has it, these meals are pretty good.