The spectacular Kaal Villa Vineyard and Winehouse (Szőlőbirtok és Borház) in Mindszentkálla, on the side of Szűcs-hegy, awaits guests with an impressive terrace, a bistro kitchen, and wine snacks.

The winery currently produces 8 types of wine, from the light Welschriesling-Zenit blend to the Pinot Noir. The young couple, Dorisz Szanyi and Csaba Tímár have been developing their cellar since 2008; it grew from 20 square metres to ten times its original size.

The pleasant climate of the location, the amazing panorama, the fine wines and the hearty welcome all speak in favour of the Kaal Villa, just like the dash and the willingness to experiment: these are, without question, youngsters to watch out for.

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