Kehida Termál Health Resort and Family Spa awaits visitors wishing to relax and those hoping to enjoy the medicinal services of the facility with a pool surface of 2,400 square metres, 13 pools and a 94-metre giant slide. Outside there’s a 34-36°C thermal sit-in pool and a swimming pool, while inside you can therapeutic pool with neck shower and weight bath.

A silent room has also been set up for those adult guests who wish to relax undisturbed. At the three-storey spa, you can enjoy the 28°C bubble bath with massage elements, and there’s a gigantic slide with light and sound effects as well as a lazy river.

Families with small children can take advantage of the baby paddling pool, the baby-mummy relaxation room with changing table and the baby slide. The pool bar, additional paddling pools and a wave pool are part of the beach area, but some of these services are only available seasonally.

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