The first study trail of Hungary visits the most beautiful places and sights of Tihanyi-félsziget. The blazing to follow is the red cross; you will find the starting point at the Apáti chruch ruins near Sajkod. The trail leads you through Apáti-hegy, Nyereg-hegy and Csúcs-hegy to Szarkádi-erdő, before you touch Gejzír-mező and Aranhyáz and reach the ancient village. From here the Kiserdő-tető - Óvár - Barátlakások route leads you back to the Tihany boat stop. You can complete this trip stage by stage as well.
There could be various starting points:
Apáti churhc ruins / Boat stop / Kiserdő-tető

Distance: 18 km
Length of journey: 6 hours
1. Nyereg hegy | 2. Csúcs hegy |3. Gejzírmező | 4. Aranyház |
5. Kiserdő-tető | 6. Óvár | 7. Barátlakások

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