There’s a thatched cottage with a porch standing on the Csopak hillside, which looks like something straight out of a novel, but this in itself is no big news around Balaton. The big news is the flat roof restaurant next to the main building. MÁRGA Bistro is one of the most popular restaurants of Lake Balaton’s north shore. Open all year round, the quality here stays on the same high level year after year.

The prices are higher here, but the place is free of snobbery. The quality kitchen builds on locally sourced ingredients, and the breathtaking view is the only extra one might need.

The wine list contains the items of Szent Donát Manor, as the owner of both the restaurant and the winery is the Kovács family. The restaurant’s name refers to the Hungarian name of marlstone, which can be found in the soil of the Csopak wine region.

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