Mi a kő (or The House of Káli-medence’s Wines) was opened by Tamás Trombitás fine artist-wine maker in Köveskál in 2013. 

It is a restaurant and a wine store at the same time. You will find wines by Pálffy, Liszkay, Ódor, Kőróka, Scheller, Fodorvin, KáliKövek, Kaal Villa and last, but not least Trombitás Borház here. Products from the south shore and the wines of Tokaj make the list of offers even longer.

The menu is short and it depends on available seasonal ingredients, that's how, for example, game meat gets on the menu late in autumn. There are daily offers as well, written on a board.

Mi a kő is friendly and cozy with wooden chairs and tables, a fireplace, lace tablecloths, renovated wooden furniture and paintings by the friends of Tamás on the wall.