If you ever stumbled upon Morzsa Guruló Bistro at dawn at festival, you already know that they can play with their oven masterfully. Morzsa Bistro arrived to one of the busiest towns of the north shore in 2017, and it brought an affordable lunch special, too. You won’t find burgers or sandwiches here; instead they have a lunch special that changes daily and is mostly made from locally sourced ingredients.

The former small guest area was expanded when Beer Balaton closed, and now the first floor is also open: named Krimó, it’s a place with a selection of quality drinks.

You can expect small-scale concerts and DJ sets here, plus there’s an amazing balcony. The place is open all year round. It’s absolutely understandable if someone leaves the wheel of a food truck behind to park here in Füred next to Kredenc, Hello Tourist and Kedves Confectionery.

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