The three-storey Noszlopy Gáspár Lookout Tower was constructed in 1963. It has not been placed exactly on the very top of the 431 metres high Recsek-hegy, as a military radio station used to stand there, which has deteriorated over the years, with only ruins remaining today.

The rest spot near the tower awaits hikers with a fire ring and log furniture. From the tower you can see all the way from Várpalota to Fonyód, as well as part of Lake Balaton, the Tihany Peninsula and the Balatonfüred forest, the largest continuous forest of the north shore.

The lookout tower is named after Hungarian troops commander Gáspár Noszlopy, referred to as “the bravest man of the 19th century” by Lajos Kossuth, who recruited troops after the failure of the freedom fight.

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