Oliva Hotel & Restaurant is the favourite eatery of hobby historians: over the years the 18th century baroque building was the headquarters of a “kódisbíró” (an official tasked with managing the situation and permits of beggars) and a paprika merchant, and it once housed a knitting workshop and Pusztai restaurant in the 1970s. After the change of regime all this disappeared, together with Vörös csillag utca: if it weren’t for the little plaque at the entrance explaining the building's history, all present day visitors would be able to see is a Mediterranean style garden with Hungarian, rather than Italian flavours. Oliva is a popular local restaurant with a popular chef: Balázs Tornyos has had a cookbook published, and his homemade sausages are featured on the menu as well.

If you simply cannot leave the Mediterranean version of Veszprém hospitality behind, you can find a room for the night here, and fit in a sauna-hot tub wellness session before or after sightseeing. Make sure to book well in advance if you want to stay at the hotel during Veszprém’s festival season – in this period the restaurant switches to a lower gear because Oliva does the catering for the famous performers of VeszprémFest.

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