Pálköve is somehow even more hidden than Sajkod: the beach is only occupied by those who are on holiday in the village. The place feels like a dead-end road, as the only thing that passes through here is the railway. History is present here in form of the nearby holiday home that used to belong to Endre Bajcsy-Zsilinszky, and now functions as a memorial house.

Pálkövei Üdülőszálló in the middle of the village was founded in 1965 and time seems to have stopped since. Hungarian retro prevails here: memories of summer camps and socialist student unions are still in the air, but renting a wooden bungalow might still be fun today. However, the free WiFi on the restaurant's terrace under the shade of oaks comes as a pleasant surprise.

Tip: There’s a large parking area right in front of the beach: turn left to reach it.

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