Set in the scenic surroundings Vigántpetend, a location of the Valley of Arts festival, Petendi Pálinka House produces fruit brandies named after the characters of famous Hungarian author Jenő Rejtő.

The main sources of inspiration are the characters of Jimmy Fülig and Dirty Fred. The former is a fruitier, 40-degree pálinka made from apple, pear, plum, “Gypsy” cherry, Irsai Olivér and apricot; the latter a spicier, 60-degree distillate from “Gypsy” cherry, bearing the characteristic flavors of barrel fermentation.

Creating top-quality brandies is the main aim of the family distillery – the ingredients are supplied by local producers. Petendi Pálinka House is open all year round, awaiting visitors with tastings and distillery tours. The latter will guide you through the entire process. Make an appointment in advance before you set out to sample the delightful pálinkas of the Kovács family.

Tip: The Pálinka House can be reached via a road with an abundance of sharp bends, while parking is available at the nearby chapel.

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