This place is one of the best examples of what to do with the retro vibes of Balaton: preserve the values and fill them with interesting content. Located opposite Kishableány, the place was built at the end of the 1950s based on the plans of Ferenc Callmeyer. The former Poharazó (meaning Wine Pub) was refurbished in 2016 and was named Pláne Badacsony – soon it became the coziest wine-terrace of the area.

On top of this, the wines are also great. The selection is made up of the region’s high-quality vintages, some of which come from tiny cellars (Zoltán Málik, Két Jóbarát meg az Anti, Gyula Szarka), whose products are really hard to come by anywhere else. More well-known wineries are also represented here (Csendes Dűlő, Szászi Cellar, Laposa, Skizo, Villa Tolnay, 2HA, Villa Sandahl, etc.). The cheese and ham platters and the various pâtés complement the wines perfectly, and their coffee is also pretty good.