Rókarántó sounds like a place from a Grimm tale, but it is only a small hill on the eastern side of Szigliget. One of our local friends told us that this was the most peaceful spot of Balaton, and we have to say: he was right. Rókarántó is an attraction for fans of sunset. The shiny white Szentháromság Chapel (or Kiskápolna) stands on the top of the hill surrounded by vineyards, fruit trees and bungalows. You can get a good look at the hills of Szigliget and Lake Balaton as well.
There is a memorial for the crew of a crashed American military aircraft near the chapel. Fate has a strange sense of humour, ending the life of an American soldier from California's Huntington Beach right here, at Lake Balaton. If you'd rather stay in the present, take a walk on the bumpy road towards Rókarántó, and be dumbstruck by the bizarre styles of recently built bungalows.

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