There are innumerable, accursed fish places with oily smell and fake flowers and at first sight Sió halsütő appears to be one of them, but for some reason wealthy guests are lining up to eat here.

This is not some kind of a vague, urban legend: in 2011, László Huszár's Sió Halsütő was the best fish place of Balaton according to Magyar Konyha magazin (Hungarian Cuisine Magazine). We don’t know if it really is the best, but the food is prime. You can order fresh Balaton fish (zander, carp, bream) cooked or baked, boned or in whole, and it will be served without too much oil.

Sió halsütő is situated at the end of Vitorlás utca’s buffets leading to the marina,on the western side of the port’s bay. It is a bit difficult to park not only because of the fancy SUVs.

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