One of Hungary’s most beautiful lookouts is on the highest point of the 432 high Somló Hill. The fort-like lookout was built from the basalt stones of the hill to commemorate the 900th anniversary of Saint Stephen’s death. Similarly to Veszprém's theatre, it was designed by István Medgyaszay.

The 12 metres tall structure was called Petőfi Lookout Tower until 1900. An interesting detail is that former Prime Minister, József Antall, who was born in the area, announced that the last Soviet soldier left the country on June 30, 1991 here, and there’s even a plaque to testify it.

You can reach the lookout by car by following Main Road 8 and turning right at Hegykapu Restaurant. Just follow the yellow sign from there. If you want to approach the spot on foot, follow the red signs along the basalt organs – it takes about 20 minutes to get there. If the weather is good, you can see the radar station of Kőris-hegy, Sümeg Castle, and Ság-hegy from the top. If you get tired, there’re benches and tables around the fire pit where you can rest.

Tip: There’s a buffet on the ground floor, with hot tea and bread with dripping to cheer up weary travellers.

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