The Roman Catholic church of Lengyeltóti is located in the catchment area of Fonyód. The outer walls were built in the modern era, but inside you can find the walls of a much older church, which appears to have been built in the 1100s and is thus a Roman building dating back to the Árpád Era.

The church tells a lot of stories: the finely crafted building is made of brick, and there’s a decorative ledge running along the walls in a zigzag pattern typical of Transdanubian architecture. Having a pair of oddly laid out towers on the west side and a triple-headed chancel, the church was most probably used by one of the Hungarian religious orders. Gáspár Lengyel had the chapel renovated in 1752, and a group of subsequent patrons called the Zichy counts added a huge, perpendicular nave, which is how the current look of the church was created.

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