We can find the artisan dairy products of Tekeresvölgyi Artisan Dairy from Nemesvámos at several Balatonside retail locations that offer high quality goods, such as the GUSTO Delicate in Veszprém, at the Tihanyi PIAC Marketplace on Saturdays, or at the Liliomkert Market on Sundays. Csaba Kovács, the owner and former equestrian champion, purchased some cows to keep his horses company and to try his hand at making cheese. In the workshop of Tekeresvölgy, everything is made by hand. They have thyme cheese, pesto cheese, pepper cheese, smoked cheese, original cheese, basil cheese, smoked cheese with basil and caraway, cream cheese, milk, urda cheese, urda cheese with basil, urda cheese cream, sour cream, butter, and yogurt. The products can also be purchased on site. A guesthouse also operates on the farm, where there are occasional pig slaughters and horse riding opportunities.

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